The Communities Project and
D-Degree Coaching & Training
Announce an Exciting Opportunity for Missouri Peers!

(This opportunity is being brought to you in collaboration with the Missouri Department of Mental Health, the Missouri Credentialing Board and our community partners)

Working with The Communities Project and D-Degree Coaching & Training, we are excited to invite you to apply to a leadership cohort for 20 peers across Missouri. In the Transformational Leadership Cohort, experienced and emerging peer leaders will participate as a group in five workshops and five executive one-on-one coaching sessions
We expect the application process to be highly selective as we will select 20 peers to participate in this cohort. Please submit your application today! The application can be found here.
Attending all five sessions will be a graduation requirement in order to receive 15 CEUs for your participation in the cohort. The five sessions are: 
Friday, July 21st – 10:00am to 1:00pm CT: Vision, Identify & Values
Leaders develop a clear sense of vision that aligns from top-to-bottom: Vision, identity, values, skills, actions, environment. This alignment helps leaders become more resourceful – trusting their own capacities and values.
Friday, August 18th – 10:00am to 1:00pm CT: Creating a Leadership Practice
Leadership effectiveness is a function of who leaders are being in every leadership situation. Leaders look honestly at their own contributions to the results they are producing without shame or judgment, leading to increased effectiveness.
Friday, September 22nd – 10:00am to 1:00pm CT: Storytelling & Leadership
The stories people tell about themselves, their experiences, and others create patterns of beliefs and habits. These stories either support forward movement or create a sense of limiting beliefs. This training helps people to develop powerful stories of self.
Friday, October 20th – 10:00am to 1:00pm CT: Developing Collective Leadership
The most successful change efforts are those characterized by a thriving and empowered team. This training takes the foundation from prior workshops and then applies them to team building.
Friday, November 17th – 10am to 1pm CT: Goal Setting, Planning & Achieving Change
This final session brings all the elements together, helping leaders to galvanize their teams into action. The workshop includes effective goal setting and planning tools, which are made more effective by teams that are prepared to evaluate outcomes and develop an evolving strategy.

If you are interested in applying to be part of this cohort and seizing this opportunity, please click here.

What is a Family Support Provider?

A family support provider provides supports and services that increase protective factors. They oftentimes connect with the family member in a way that ignites the spark of hope that things can and will get better because they have experienced a similar journey.

Risk factors 

  • Emotional/Mental Health issues
  • Problems following rules and obeying the law
  • Impulsivity
  • Poor communication and lack of problem solving skills
  • Basic needs not being met
  • Not safe at home, school and in the community

The community support provider is primarily providing supports and services to the child or youth and family to help reduce risk factors. They help the child or youth to identify their needs and barriers to being more successful. They develop goals, identify strengths, and provide support for them to learn and practice new skills. They also work with the child or youth and family to increase their ability to communicate more effectively and learn how to solve problems when needed. 

Anchoring Missouri Families
in Support, Empowerment, and Hope.
Training Dates
  • May 9 – 11, 2023 – FACT (Family Advocacy and Community Training), 2240 Bluestone Dr., St. Charles, MO  63303
Job Opportunities
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